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Q: Who is Capital Investors Advisory Corporation?
A: We are a registered investment advisory firm that works with a small, select group of high net worth clients.

Q: What is your mission?
A: We are committed to providing independent, professional investment planning and financial advisory services to our clients.    

Q: What is your primary goal?
A: To help our clients achieve their financial dreams and aspirations with a minimum amount of risk.  We are concerned above all else with our client’s welfare.

Q: Who are your clients?
A: Our clients are, for the most part, very successful individuals or families, including business owners, executives, physicians, attorneys, other professionals, and wealthy families, who have a minimum of $500,000 of capital to be invested.

Q:  What do you do for your clients?
A: We help design and implement an investment plan consistent with their objectives and risk tolerance.  We also help them with a wide array of financial and wealth management issues.

Q: What is your investment process?
A: We first gather information from our client in an effort to understand their current financial situation, dreams, objectives and risk tolerance.  We then design a fully-diversified portfolio across a number of investment styles and sub-styles tailored to the client's unique needs.  Finally, we engage institutional money managers with expertise in each style, and then closely monitor their performance.

Q: How are you compensated?
A: We are paid an annual fee for the accounts that we manage, expressed as a percentage of the market value of the accounts, paid quarterly in arrears.  We receive no compensation for financial advice on other matters. We receive no commissions or loads.  We are paid only by our clients. 

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